Daredevil Kids: Can Anyone Say Doctor?

Doctors, Daredevils and Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe

Gotta love great doctors which brings me to my topic of choice today.

As you might remember, I’ve been writing articles about life with my teenage son.

There’s never a dull moment with that kid.  Don’t want him ridin’ in one of these.

Patience Rewarded

This is a different kind of holiday season for Tyler and me. It’s the first year that I am living separately from my husband. I have my own house and Tyler lives here with me every other week.

So it’s his and my house, and although I have the final say on most things regarding the house,

Tummy Aches and Finding the Right Gastroenterologist

How to find the perfect gastroenterologist to meet your needs

Stomach aches are a natural part of life. We’ve all suffered from the occasional stomach upset. But there are certain things that can go along with a stomach ache that are not so common. I am not sure that we are properly trained to notice these things.

Girlfriends: Chaperoning your Teenager

Took my teen-age son and his new friend to a movie the other day. I mean, I drove them to the theater so they could see a movie, hung out some place far, far, away (by request: Mom, could you not be anywhere near the theater so that if we walk around, we don’t run into you?) and went back to pick them up afterward.