Tummy Aches and Finding the Right Gastroenterologist

How to find the perfect gastroenterologist to meet your needs

Stomach aches are a natural part of life. We’ve all suffered from the occasional stomach upset. But there are certain things that can go along with a stomach ache that are not so common. I am not sure that we are properly trained to notice these things. A friend of mine has a daughter who complained pretty often about stomach aches. He believed that most of the time it was just a normal complaint but when the trend continued year after year he became concerned.

He finally came to the point where he recognized that maybe there is something up to this. He began to take his daughter to see different doctors. Unfortunately most everything was speculated to be due to stress and anxiety.

Certainly there was no lack of anxiety present in the home as he explained it to me pre-divorce. But, it just didn’t seem to account for all the pain that she described. One day he was asked to come to the school to talk to the students about bullying. After he was finished with his discussion, he hug his daughter and his daughters best friend right after each other before he left.

He explained to me that he noticed that the temperature of his daughter compared that of her best friend was completely different. Once he left the school he called the school nurse and asked her to take the temperature of his daughter. She did so and his daughter came back with a low-grade fever.

Certain that there was more at play, he pursued more tests. He was searching for answers.

His next stop was a gastroenterologist. He needed to find the right one.

A gastroenterologist by the way is one that studies the upper and lower digestive tract.

He searched high and low for the appropriate gastroenterologist and finally came to discover that there are certain things that qualify G.I. doctors and you probably can learn a little bit from his lesson.

First you want to make sure the board certified. In his case he needed to all to make sure that they were willing to handle children. Through all of his investigation he was able to find a great gastroenterologist located in Lake Nona Florida.

The two types of procedures that most gastroenterologists perform his upper endoscopy or lower endoscopy which is also considered a colonoscopy. Typically an upper endoscopy takes just a few minutes. Whereas, the colonoscopy can take up to 30 minutes depending on how difficult it is to reach the farthest part of the colon.

After all the tests with his daughter he found that her issue was not related to her digestive tract. Rather it was a gallbladder stones that she had that occluded at the end of her gallbladder every time it really’s file. She ended up having to get a cholecystectomy.