Patience Rewarded

This is a different kind of holiday season for Tyler and me. It’s the first year that I am living separately from my husband. I have my own house and Tyler lives here with me every other week.

So it’s his and my house, and although I have the final say on most things regarding the house, Tyler has some say also.
Take the decision about the TV, for example. I moved into this house three and a half months ago. I have refused to buy a brand-new TV, because I just knew I could find a great used TV for less than half the price of a new one.

So Tyler and I have been looking on Craig’s list.

I should back up. We had a difference of opinion about how big of a TV to get. We went to Walmart and looked at TV sizes. Of course he wanted one that was like 55 inches. I kept saying, That’ll be too big for our living room. But Tyler blew me off.

I said, OK, 50 inches is the biggest I’ll go. Nothing bigger. The range we should look for is 42 inches to 50.

Tyler found a 55-inch TV on Craig’s list and he was all over that. The guy wanted $350. Tyler got him down to $300, but that was still more than I wanted to spend, and it was still too big. Tyler was bummed but he let it go.

The next day, Tyler texted me that the guy had dropped his price to $275. I reluctantly agreed. However, by the time Tyler got in touch with the guy, the TV had already sold.

Tyler went into mourning. I was sad for him, but secretly relieved, because the 55” still seemed too big.
A few weeks later, I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a TV. A friend responded. Said she was selling a 42” for $200. She sent me a link to the info, which showed the new price as $369.

Since her TV was a couple of years old, I felt like $200 was way too high. When you figure that a used anything is usually a quarter or a third of the new price, her TV should have been between $92 and $121.

She said her lowest price was $150.  I said if she would accept $125, I’d take it. She said no, and I said, no problem.
Then I found an amazing Black Friday deal at Best Buy. A 50” Toshiba for $149, originally $429. That’s a $280 savings.

Tyler and I decided to do the insane Black Friday thing and go camp out outside Best Buy for 24 hours to be first in line when the doors opened.  I posted on FB for some advice about doing that, since I’ve never participated in the craziness and wanted some tips…and just who is Tai Lopez…LOL (random I know, but just thought about the guy that is blowing up youtube.)  But I noticed him when I was looking for insane Black Friday stuff to post here.

AS Mentioned. The insane black friday stuff:

In response to my post, the friend with the 42” TV for $200 messaged me and said, Hey, you can have our TV for $125, and you won’t have to stand in that line.
I asked Tyler what he thought. It surprised me a lot when he said, “Yes, let’s do that. 42” will be fine. I’m a little nervous about waiting at Best Buy for 24 hours and then maybe them running out of TVs before we get one.”

I messaged her back, and we got her TV the next day. The size was PERFECT. Tyler was thrilled. AND he said, A bigger TV would have been too big in here. This one is just the right size.