Daredevil Kids: Can Anyone Say Doctor?

Doctors, Daredevils and Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe

Gotta love great doctors which brings me to my topic of choice today.

As you might remember, I’ve been writing articles about life with my teenage son.

There’s never a dull moment with that kid.  Don’t want him ridin’ in one of these.

doctors and safety

The thing is, he’s basically fearless.

Had a friend over the other night and she was watching videos of my son at a skate park in Hawaii. He had a scooter at a skate park and was jumping over a six-foot chain-link fence with the scooter. The thing is, on the other side of the fence was a hill that dropped off pretty steeply. So he would come up to the fence at full speed, launch over the fence and then hit the hill on the other side. The video was enough to make anyone cringe.

But that’s his m.o.

At the skate park, he goes to now, it’s all concrete. He has an arsenal of tricks that he does. The latest one is that he goes up off the ramp, does a somersault, and then comes back down and lands on the scooter. It’s a very impressive trick.

While he was learning it, he was wearing his helmet. I told him he had to wear the helmet doing any tricks that involved somersaults. Since learning the trick, he has lost the helmet.

The other day we were at the skate park and I saw him do that somersault trick without his helmet. Ugh. I have to get on him about that. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

He also is a jumper. This morning I saw a video of him jumping from the roof of our house across air and onto one of those giant inflatable waterslides. The waterslide had been set up on our side yard a short distance from the house.

In this video I watched him go from the roof of the house onto the slide. If he had fallen or missed the slide and landed on the ground he would have been seriously hurt.

The friend that was over the other night that was watching the video of my son at the skate park in Hawaii has done racing on tracks. She said that he would be a great candidate for auto racing because of his fearlessness.

I know he would actually be great at that. He is fearless anyway but when you get him in front of people he is even more fearless. I think there is an element of showing off that kicks in.

He is good at his physical pursuits anyway—like climbing and jumping and skating and parkour-type activities—but when people are around, it seems to push him to bigger, higher, more daring tricks.

There are exceptions to this, however. Sometimes we’ll get to the skate park and we see, off to the side, a group of young men just hanging out. My son doesn’t like that. He doesn’t like having groups like that watching him.

I’m not sure why. Singles observers or random scattered observers are fine. Groups, not so much.

That’s something that I’d like to ask him about.