Carolina Blues

About Carolina

Hi, I’m Carolina.
This is a blog about life with my teen-age son.
I’m keeping it so that I force myself to record some of the conversations, interactions, and events that happen with him.
You know how when something happens that leaves an impression, you say to yourself that you’ll never forget it? And then a week later, you’re like, What? We talked about that? What did you say? What did I say back?
And it’s pretty much gone. Poof. Evaporated into oblivion.
I’m at a stage with my son that is pretty precious. We have conversations that I really want to remember. He’s a funny kid, and he says funny stuff that I’d also like to remember.
So here goes. You can comment if you like. I might even open it up for you to post stuff of your own. Maybe this will grow into a community blog, so to speak. A community of parents writing stories about their kids so that they will remember.
For my part, I will keep my stories anonymous and change names. I think I’d encourage that for you, too, if you decide to post anything.
Anyway . . . welcome to Carolina’s life with her teenager.  ☺